Are you looking to the tricks, tip or cheats for Project IGI 2 game, one of the world’s toughest games? Then go through this article and learn how to unlock all the missions the Project IGI 2 game in a go and how to play the Project IGI 2 in GOD mode i.e. with infinite health and ammo?

Review of Project IGI 2 game – Project IGI 2 has been recorded as one of the toughest games for a normal person to play. When a beginner starts to play this game, he faces many difficulties during the game-play and it becomes hard for him/her to complete even the first level of the game. The main difficulty faced by the players in this game is regarding the weapons as one cannot carry every weapon with him. They need to be swapped with the previously held weapons i.e. you will always carry only 3 weapon with you viz a knife, grenade and any other firing weapon (only one). So this will bring many obstacles in your way of completing the missions of this game because it increases the chances of being fired upon due to insufficient weapons sometimes. This reason compelled me to write this article about the tips to play the Project IGI 2 with ease without any tension of changing the weapons or maintaining the health. In this article I am going to mention some of the cheats, tips or tricks on how to unlock all the missions in this game in a go and how to get infinite health or ammo for your full on security during the game play? So let me start my job of making you learn about those tricks.

How to unlock all the missions of Project IGI 2 game in a go – For your information, let me tell you that this game contains a total of about 22 missions with an increasing order of the difficulty level. Some missions are very short and takes minutes for experts to complete and some are too long which even can take up to an hour to get accomplished. In this article, we are going to learn how to unlock all the missions of Project IGI 2 in a go. So, below are the steps which you need to go through to unlock these 22 missions:

  1. Step 1: Make sure that the game is properly installed with all the components on your preferred device like Laptop or a PC. After that, open the game and proceed to next step.

2. Step 2: When you open the game, a welcome screen will appear where you can find the option to play IGI etc. Just stop here.

3. Step 3: Press and hold the following buttons on the keyboard simultaneously without leaving any of them.

Ctrl + Shift + f9

Step 4: Now click on Play IGI option on the screen and you will be redirected to a screen menu containing the list of all the unlocked missions.
That is it! Now start playing the game with any mission you want. You can even play the last mission first and the first mission at last. Just enjoy!
Now I will throw some light on the trick to play the Project IGI 2 with infinite ammo and health (GOD mode). This trick is most effective one and will help those who don’t want to unlock all the mission firstly rather they prefer to play the each and every mission by the default sequence. This trick is based on the trainer; a tricky software.

What is a trainer?
A trainer is a type of software specially designed to hack the internal file of a game. It is used while playing the game and is kept working until we finish playing it. In this game, you will need a trainer to keep your health and ammo level constant at one value and this software can be downloaded and used by the steps:

Project IGI 2 game trainers and how to use them – There are various trainers available for the Project IGI 2 in the online search engines and website. One can easily find and download the trainer of any game online by searching it in the search engines like Google. But, here I am going to give you a good and authorized link for downloading various trainers of the Project IGI 2.

URL to download the trainers for Project IGI 2:

When you go through this URL, you will find six trainers available for downloading. The trainers are:

• Project IGI 2 (+4 Trainer)
• Project IGI 2 (Mission Unlocker)
• Project IGI 2 (+2 Trainer)
• Project IGI 2 v1.1 (+3 Trainer)
• Project IGI 2 v1.1 (+5 Trainer)
• Project IGI 2 v1.2 (+5 Trainer)

I suggest you to download the 4th trainer i.e. the Project IGI 2 v1.1 (+3 Trainer) as you will only need these three basic cheats to get through the game easily.

Usage: The trainer you downloaded might be in the zip format for which you will need the software like WinRAR or WinZip or sometimes the files in the trainer are automatically extracted to the given folder. After the extraction is complete, you will see three files. Open the first file named pztrain.exe. A menu will appear on the screen with the sound of WELCOME! Keep the file (pztrain.exe) as such and open the game and on the welcome screen, press the f1, f2, and f3 buttons separately.
You are done! Now start playing the game in the GOD mode i.e. with infinite health, ammo and grenades. This is a very simple trick and there are no chances of any error in the process but make sure that you press the said buttons only once because pressing them second time in a game will restore the game to default settings. Also, you will need to open the trainer every time you start playing the game after closing it or shutting down your device and then once again revise the same process.

Conclusion – These were some of the tricks, tips or you can say cheats for one of the world’s toughest games i.e. Project IGI 2. These tips will help you to play this game with total ease and pass out the missions in a go. If you need some further help regarding this game, then feel free to contact me through the responses to this article below and I will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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