There are just so many games on the Google Play Store, so it is really difficult to choose one good game. Read this article to find the top 1 smartphone games of 2018.

2018 is coming to an end, and it is time to check out the best smartphone games of 2018. If you go to the games section of Google Play Store you will find that there are just many games in there and choosing the best game to download that is worth your data and time is hard to find. So we went through the trouble of testing out some games and have compiled a Pubg game that are worth playing.

How can a list of best smartphone games start without the great PUBG mobile! This game is just so immensely popular that brands are now starting to produce gaming smartphones with overclocked processors and liquid cooling system so as to play heavy games like PUBG smoothly on the device.

Well, if you were living under a rock and do not know what PUBG is, I will explain it for you: Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game developed by Tencent. We are dropped into an island along with 99 others and our sole aim is to just survive till you are the last man standing. If you survive then you will be awarded ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

Many companies have come up with smartphone gaming accessories specifically made for PUBG, like smartphone PUBG triggers, which helps in making the game more comfortable to play. The fact that Tencent brings a new map every 2 or 3 months is just amazing and proves why we list it at first position as the best smartphone game in 2018. Currently, there are 4 maps on PUBG Mobile: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and the recently launched Vikendi map.

PUBG also launched a lite version called the PUBG Mobile lite specifically made for cheaper low-end devices, but it is yet to be launched in India.

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