IGI 2 – Covert Strike ( Mission 1 ).

Objectives 1. Infiltrate main compound 2. Cross the river to gain access to upper compound 3. Activate, and use lift down to mines Walkthrough Start crawling a little to your right towards the hood of trees. After sometimes, you will see a gate. When you approached the gate, unlock it when the […]

IGI1 14 Finding The Bomb

You can see a video of this game through the Youtube. Click on this link – https://youtu.be/BxPZUv1O5dY Objectives Locate the bomb and disable it. Kill Ekk if you see her. Weapons Knife Glock 17 Uzi Uzi x 2 Mp5 SD3 AK-47  Spas 12  Jackhammer  Dragunov  Hand gernade  Flash bang  Proximitymine  LAW 80  […]